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Unforgettable Flavor Formulations

Gamay® offers an unmistakable variety of dairy flavors and portion-controlled sauces for your customized food applications. From rich butters and creams to tantalizing cheese powders and sauces, we’re committed to delivering unique, quality food products no matter what your need.

Dairy FlavorsDairy Powders and Liquids that Deliver

MM6C9028At Gamay® we’re dedicated to delivering the dairy flavor profile that best suits your needs-whether it’s a classic dairy flavor or a complex system created especially for your application. Our dairy powders, pastes and liquids are created in a number of forms and delivery systems.

  • Enzyme modified cheeses
  • Natural lipolyzed butter oils
  • Natural dairy flavors (cheeses/ butters/ creams)
  • Dairy liquid flavor compounds and emulsions
  • Spray-dried flavors
  • Kosher and pareve flavors available

Gamay provides innovative dairy flavor solutions with superior service and commitment based on technical expertise, product quality and attention to detail.

Cheese Flavors
Cheese Flavors

Flavorful Cheese Powders and Pastes

We know versatility is the key when it comes to food products and formulation development. That’s why Gamay® has developed a variety of cheese powders and pastes that hold up to heat and offer the taste that keep your customers coming back for more.


  • Process Cheeses & Analogs
  • Dressings, Dips & Sauces
  • Soups & Sides
  • Snacks & Bakery
  • High Heat Processing (Retort/Aseptic)
  • Prepared, Frozen and Refrigerated Foods
  • Seasonings & Dry Mixes

To address the needs of the health conscious consumer, many of our products can be made all-natural, organic, or gluten-free.

Butter & Cream Flavors
Butter & Cream Flavors

Unbeatable Butters and Creams

Gamay® delivers a full line of dairy flavors that will set your savory or sweet food product apart, including butters and creams that offer rich flavor and velvety mouth feel. In fact, we’re one of the top suppliers of technology based dairy flavors.

  • Heat stable butter
  • Natural lipolyzed butter oils
  • Natural dairy flavors
  • Dairy flavor compounds and emulsions
  • Organic butter flavors
  • Ideal for snack and baked goods
Cultured Dairy Flavors
Cultured Dairy Flavors

Creamy Cultured Dairy Compounds

Creativity and technical competence are essential in the development of authentic innovative cultured dairy flavor solutions needed for today and tomorrow’s foods.

Gamay’s® one-of-a-kind technology allows us to develop true and unique dairy flavor compounds and emulsions for every need and application. Flavor profiles range from dairy fresh to rich creamy or sweet buttery to aromatic acidic. Whether you’re looking for a buttermilk, cool ranch, sour cream or yogurt flavor, we’ve got the cultured dairy flavor that’s right for your application.

Profiles include:

  • Sour Cream Flavor
  • Buttermilk Flavor
  • Sweet Cream Flavor
  • Yogurt Flavor
  • Milk Flavor
  • Cultured Cream Flavor
  • Cultured Butter Flavor
Dry Sauces & SeasoningsDry Sauces & Seasonings That Deliver

MM6C9090Today’s fast-paced business necessitates customer needs to be addressed efficiently. The Gamay® R&D team understands this and is committed to developing formulations for Dry Sauces & Seasonings as quickly as possible. Be it a country gravy, rice seasoning mix or a new kettle chip flavor profile, Gamay is dedicated to providing superior customer service, quality products, on-time delivery and creative research & development.

Dry packaging options for sauces/seasonings include:

Small Pouch

  • 1gr – 8oz Horizontal seal or ‘Bartelt’ pouches
    • Paper/Foil poly (outside/ inside) film material
    • Pre-printed film – custom colors and sizes
    • Various shipper cartons available for bulk pack or retail solution
  • 2oz – 6lbs; Vertical form, fill & seal pouches
    • Film types include: white opaque, semi-transparent co-extruded ‘cereal film’, metalized polyester foil

Small Bulk Pack

  • Bag-in-Box packaging
    • 15-50lbs
    • Corrugated carton with poly-liner
  • Multi-wall Bag
    • 25-50lbs
    • Brown or white multi-walled paper with high density poly ethylene liner
  • 5-gallon Bucket
    • 30-50lbs
    • Pressure sealed/ food grade

Large Bulk Pack

  • Drums
    • 25-300lbs
    • Various styles and sizes available (fiber drums, poly drums, etc.)
  • Super Sack
    • 500-2500lbs
    • Nylon mesh with food grade poly interior coating
  • Corrugated Totes
Dry Sauces
Dry Sauces

Dry Sauces Pour on the Flavor

Every day we create innovative dry sauces formulated to pour on the flavor in your food product applications. At Gamay®, we’re committed to delivering unique, high-quality products that elevate your product’s taste.

  • Select and premium cheese sauces – Cheddar, Nacho, Alfredo, and Spicy Pepper Jack Cheese Sauce
  • Gravies and savory sauces- beef, poultry, au jus, spaghetti, pizza
  • All-natural, organic, low-sodium and gluten-free formulations available
Dry Seasonings
Dry Seasonings

Delectable Dry Seasonings

Gamay® is your partner in developing menu solutions for delectable dinner and meal kit seasoning mixes. We offer a variety of dry seasonings for formulation flexibility and unforgettable taste consumers can’t get enough of.

Gamay also offers a number of snack industry standards when it comes to chips, corn snacks and snack mixes. Look no further than Gamay for your next seasoning innovation -whatever its application may be.

  • Dinner mixes -rice, potato dinners, flavored mash potatoes, stuffing mixes
  • Snack seasonings -BBQ, Sour Cream & Chives, Cheddar, Salt & Vinegar
  • Customized food applications
  • All-natural, organic, low-sodium and gluten-free formulations available
Portion Control SaucesSignature Sauce Creations

MM6C9090The creative research staff at Gamay® are experts at developing signature sauce creations that provide superior taste without cooked or off notes. From customized classic flavors, to concepts geared toward new tastes, we’ll work with you to create mouth-watering formulations for your exact specifications. Our R&D services range from concept ideation to prototype development to commercialization – including cost productivity and duplication of existing retail product.

Available sauce varieties include but are not limited to:

  • Cheddar Cheese Sauce
  • Four Cheese Sauce
  • White Queso Sauce
  • Mild, Medium & Sharp
  • Jalapeno Cheddar
  • Nacho Sauce
  • Parmesan Alfredo
  • Cream Sauce
Retail Sauce Pouches
Retail Sauce Pouches

Perfectly Portioned Sauce Pouches

Gamay® offers a variety of signature sauces specially formulated for shelf stable, refrigerated and frozen applications. Our small pouch sauce packaging is ideal for retail and private label uses and can be used in meal kits, side dishes as well as meat and vegetable add-ons.

Small Retail Pouch

  • Portion-control sauce pouches from 1 to 9 oz.
  • Four-sided seal
  • Can be packaged in: foil, metallized, clear or nylon opaque polyfilm structures
  • Registered or random print available
  • Shelf-stable, refrigerated and frozen
  • Particulates up to 1/4″
  • Embossed code dating – up to 15 alphanumeric characters
  • Pour spout, channel dispensing available
  • Co-pack and/or private label
Foodservice Sauce Pouches
Foodservice Sauce Pouches

Signature Sauce Pouches for Foodservice Applications

When it comes to foodservice, Gamay® gives you the flexibility you need. We view ourselves as your partner in developing menu solutions which consistently yield results your customers will enjoy. We offer a wide selection of flavorful signature sauce varieties and pouch size capability.

Whether your product calls for shelf stable, refrigerated or frozen sauces, we have what you need to create delicious food that appeals to the masses.

Large Foodservice Pouch:

  • Pouch designed for 40 to 80 oz. capability
  • Cryovac plastic pouches
  • Top, bottom and back fin seals
  • Thermal transfer code-dating
Grab-N-Go Portion Cups
Grab-N-Go Portion Cups

Portion Controlled Dipping Cups for Snacking Applications

Our authentic cheese sauces are hot tickets for nachos, hot dogs, fries, chips, pretzels, burgers or any item that you’d like to pour on the cheese at anytime. Quick, convenient grab-n-go dipping cups for single-serve applications are great for all those favorite custom dips and spreads that you have in mind. We have the quality, expertise and deliciously-innovative products you need to please your customers – and keep them coming back for more!

Grab-N-Go Dipping Cups:

  • Single-Serve Dipping Cups Range In Size From 1 oz to 3 oz
  • Foil, Pull-Tab Lids For Maximum Shelf Life Stability
  • Clear, White or Black Cups Available For Versatility
  • Custom Printed Lids and/or Cups For Brand Identity
  • Shelf Stable and Refrigerated Recipes Available
  • Microwave Safe Cups For Quick Heat and Eat

Our Versatile, Chef-Inspired Flavors Include Cheddar, Jalapeño, Salsa Con Queso, Nacho, Ranch and French Onion Just To Name a Few.

At Gamay,
we give you the guarantee of superior customer service, unique dairy flavors and sauces, on trend seasonings, and world-class research and development to put your product at the forefront of flavor.