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Culinary Inspired – Technology Driven

For more than 25 years, Gamay® has been a leader in flavor innovation and product customization for manufacturers and marketers in industries all around the world.

In 1992, we established a flavor manufacturing facility in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Utilizing unique flavor manufacturing practices and a keen insight for natural and process cheese production, Gamay Flavors began to manufacture and market innovative dairy flavors for the food industry at large. These flavors today can be seen in process cheeses, cheese sauces, savory and salty snacks, soups and dips just to name a few.

In 1997, Gamay expanded its product offerings in dairy with the development of shelf stable portion control cheese sauce pouches. With a manufacturing facility located in Colby, Wisconsin, Gamay manufactures hot-fill flexible pouches ranging from 1-8 oz for shelf stable, refrigerated and frozen meal applications. 40 oz to 80 oz packaging for food service applications.

In 2004, Gamay again expanded offerings to include dry seasonings and sauce mixes for the retail, private label and food service industries. Our facility in Beecher, Illinois offers custom dry blends of high quality and practical solutions to both food manufacturers and foodservice companies including rice and potato dinners, savory snack manufacturers and restaurant chains across the country.

Established Leader

Gamay has created numerous breakthrough flavor solutions for our customers, and has established itself as a leader in dairy flavor development. We pride ourselves in offering high quality, practical solutions to both food manufacturers and foodservice companies.

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At Gamay,
we give you the guarantee of superior customer service, unique dairy flavors and sauces, on trend seasonings, and world-class research and development to put your product at the forefront of flavor.